Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Day 7 – Romania

Saturday 22nd September

The day begins well despite alarms not going off wake up calls not happening people having their stuff locked in rooms by careless roommates and the hotel rationing milk like it was going out of fashion. The team pulled together and we were all breakfasted and on the coach for an 8am leave to head for Sighisoara, the birth place of Vlad the Impailer, aka Count Dracula!

On arrival we went for a stroll round town seeing a selection of weddings going on, some locals dressed in traditional garb and a handy sign telling us we still had 15,438km to go (check out the picture!). After a spot of lunch it was back on the coach and off to Brasov (aks Bras Off!)

We checked into the hotel and while many headed straight for the bar to discover the local Scottish drinking establishment server 54% alcohol shots and that some local disturbances round the Rugby World Cup had caused the locals to ban the showing of any rugby games in town :-( , I took a different approach. After finding the rugby was not an option and having the rare luxury of a single room to myself I took a few hours to shower, shave, repack my kit and just generally sort myself out.

Unfortunately allowing the alcohol levels in my blood to drop also allowed the cold I had been fighting to take hold so while I did make it out for some dinner I hit the hay straight after at 9:30pm to try and shake it (see Mum I am not out every night :-). This should mean that the evening festivities which resulted in a couple of the guys crawling in at 5am several people still being smashed first thing will forever remain a point of mystery but fear not, I have a cunning plan!

I have recently recruited a couple of guest contributors to my blog who will be providing sporadic gossip updates ensuring that the seedy underbelly of the OzBus is fully represented here so keep your eyes peeled for Gossip Corner coming soon.

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