Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Day 8 – Romania

Sunday 23rd September

Our day began as usual with the majority making it up for breakfast and everyone enjoying the hour lie in (one week on the road and 8am becomes a lie in!) We boarded the bus and headed off to Vlad the Impalers castle. Making it there in about an hour we had two hours to explore the castle, look round the stalls selling souvenirs, a large selection of knives and swords and your standard tourist junk. A quick bite to eat, a demonstration of how to make sweet bread and back on the bus. Well nearly all back on the bus, we ended up losing a few along the way. Now the OzBus punishment for being late is called iPod idol, if you are late you choose a song from your iPod, pop your headphones in and sing along on the coach microphone. The first two late comers provided the usual ear screeching rendition but our third latecomer was a not a first time offender! She was subjected to the booth of truth and asked risqué and raunchy questions by her bus mates which she had to answer truthfully on the coach microphone! Very entertaining but bear in mind any of you future or aspiring OzBusers being late has its consequences!

We continued to Bucharest and our next campsite. Due to heavy rains in the area prior to our arrival we were fortunate enough to be staying in bungalows for the night. After a quick unload it was back on the bus to go and see Caesecu’s Palace, the 3rd largest building in the world. The bus pulled up in front of the palace and after photos and the realisation that going in was not an option we headed in to town, aka a very large shopping centre. After heading to the food court the debate of pork or pizza got to much so a quick stop off in a converted train carriage (cause you need a break from buses every now and again). A quick beer later we headed to the food court where we found a pasta placed and chowed down. The trip back to the coach was fairly uneventful and for once we seemed to be late comer free (except for one who in the end had to make her own way home but still made it back in one piece)

The return to camp was followed by a trip to the restaurant to grab some beers, reception told us this was our best bet then called ahead and told them not to serve us! Slightly confusing but we managed to empty the reception beer fridge and headed back to bungalow 7, aka chez Andy S, for a house party. Even with me sneaking off to bed at a reasonable hour the party carried on in full force and a good time was had by all.

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