Friday, 5 October 2007

Day 15 – Ergidir – Goreme

Sunday 30th September 2007

Not much to report for the early parts of today as it was destined to be a heavy driving day. The usual coach games and antics ensued, including one game where each person says one word to make up a story which results in some truly strange tales:

Way back when dinosaurs evolved in caves and skylights became really popular they mistook directions from Allan who furiously sailed across sodden squelching slimey highways till a caterpillar exploded inside out a\wheel cog bolt surrounding cavemen who had picks, javelins and leprosy…and so on!

When lunchtime came around we stopped off in a little town and headed out in search of food. After visiting several shops we realised that apart from bread, cream cheese and crisps there seemed to be no food in town. Then a pizza place was spotted and it became a race against time! With only 45mins in total for this stop off and pizzas taking a while to prepare it was a close call in the end but after finally managing to work out how to ask for takeaway we were back on the bus and en route on time, nearly.

An afternoon of driving brought us to Goreme and our campsite for the evening, we arrived at around 4pm set up and headed to the pool. Freezing cold water and warm sunshine lead to refreshing dip and a dinner of chicken pesto pasta prepared by our camp cooks for the evening hit the spot perfectly. After dinner some headed into town to catch the rugby at a local bar, others played cards by reception and a third contingent headed up to the pool and watched the stars from the sun loungers, many of you will be shocked to know I was one of the stargazers and not out watching the rugby! The after party back at the big tent, home to our Irish brothers, was something I was involved with though. The whisky was flowing and it unsurprisingly got a little out of hand and kept half the campsite up till the wee small hours which we are truly are sorry about! Apart from this little hiccup it still a great end to week 2 on the bus.

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