Thursday, 18 October 2007

Day 18 – Kahta – Lake Van (continued)

We continued on towards the lake and in search of a campsite where we could rest our weary heads for the night as the road continues to stretch seemingly endlessly in front of us the grumbles and moans begin to grow. Our bus in not state of the art by any means, the toilet has started to develop a rather lurid smell, long driving days and short stop offs have been a regular occurrence. Depending on who you speak to these become minor inconveniences and others use it to begin talks of mutiny but I feel it is just three weeks on the road and the realisation that we are not all getting exactly what we want all the time. You know what they say about pleasing all the people, well the OzBus is a perfect example of this.

After driving alongside the lake (it was too dark to see at this point but I know from the next day that it was very close and very pretty) we eventually stumble upon a campsite, they will let us pitch our tents, provide power to heat water and cook dinner and send out for beer and ciggies for the group. With dinner inside us it was off to bed, due to the late hour not all pitched their tents, some opting to share, some opting to rough it under the stars and me defying the law of physics and fitting to large packs, two day packs myself and my girlfriend into a one and a half man tent! Not the comfiest nights sleep I have to say but it all worked out in the end.

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