Friday, 5 October 2007

Gossip Corner!

Finally we have out first instalment of Gossip Corner by my faithful assistant L’il S:

17 days, 10 countries, 41 almost strangers, countless litres of beer, hundreds of packs of cigarettes, much heavy petting, a few “walks of shame”. A million or so rumours and a few true stories.

The bus seat rotation system now seems to apply to tents which is something I’m privy too most mornings as I am normally the first awake. Those who try to sneak back to their own tents / rooms when the sun rises are foolish to believe no one will see.

Even when the party appears to be over and you think you are the only two still awake beware of those with weak bladders who pass in the shadows on their way to the toilet block – nothing goes unnoticed.

Subtext runs rife on board the OzBus, seen only by those self-nominated as spectators – these include people with partners and those who realise that a romance or a quickie so soon into the trip could end up in disaster, especially as you share your business with 40 other people.

“You say it best when you say nothing at all” Ronan sings as we bounce away across the rough Turkish roads. The ever so ‘innocent’ looks, the glances towards those with disapproving eyes, the playful touching and the not so subtle body language is what makes this trip worthy of a docu soap.

A couple of couples have classified themselves as will they / won’t they status where as others are on more tentative ground. Lips are sealed and voices hushed until there are clear signs that the rest of the “family” are meant to know, allowed to know and more importantly allowed to talk about it. Until then you crazy guys and girls know who you are. Put us all out of our misery and have a sober kiss in the front of the bus – use of the microphone is optional.

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blankshots said...

Would you say Ozbus is a little bit like the Big Brother house? i.e. the pressure-cooker element of the bus creates couples, but also a little bit of drama?

Do you think this might cause some people to abandomn the bus before the trip is completed?