Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Day 43 – India – Nepal

Sunday 28th October 2007

21 hours on the road. The driving day to end all driving days, there is not much else to say about today, the repercussions of today will be felt for days; people’s future decisions were undoubtedly influenced by this day. A long drive to the Nepalese border, a complicated rickshaw ride to get the bags across, mix ups at the border, road side toilet stops, girls in the bushes to the left boys to the right, no tea, dinner at 23:30 and hotel arrival at 3:30am, with a dawn hike planned for 4:30am. The two OzBusers who left for Goa are waiting for us in Kathmandu but spirits are low and many of us figure that with an hour till the hike bed is a mute point.

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