Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Day 45 – Kathmandu – Freedom

Tuesday 30th October 2007

A new day dawns and with the decision to leave the bus for a while made it is with high spirits that we crawl out of bed in the early hours to board a flight around the Himalayas where we will glimpse the peak of Everest. The flight is fantastic the scenery is amazing and for once we know that the scary 3:30am departure planned for the next day does not apply to us. We spend the day taking in what Kathmandu has to offer, getting badges and flags sewn to our bags and clothes to show the world where we have been eating steaks at the Everest Steak house and then a group dinner so we have one last session as a group, this will also be a strange evening as a mock OzBus wedding between our Irish squaddie and ourSouth African beauty has been planned for no real reason other than entertainment and I am the best man.

After dinner many joined us on the roof terrace for an impressive set of fake vows from our Irish priest (his girlfriend wrote his script and is quite the wordsmith) I gave an impromptu speech and the reception was at a bar down the road with a live band and fun was had by most. The end of the night would see me returning to the room and being unable to get in as my girlfriend had the key, when I find her I will truly throw my dollies out the pram and slam doors all over the place but I will calm down and with a whisky in my hand pass out in a chair and snore away till the early hours, at 3am I will be woken up and head down to wish farewell to my fellow OzBusers who I will see again in Bangkok.

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simon said...

Hello, Simon Calder here - I came to see you all off from the Embankment. I would be very grateful if you could email me, simoncalder@hotmail.com, with your thoughts about how the company has performed. Thanks, Simon