Monday, 11 February 2008

The OzBus Saga Continues

This weekend saw the departure of OzBus 3 from Ireland, another group of brave travellers set off on the voyage of discovery, as I understand it they will take a week longer than we did and rack up a couple more countries if all goes to plan so good luck to you guys, enjoy every minute of it and remember it is more than a journey, it is an adventure!

I am really not sure if anyone still comes to visit my little blog and to be honest I have been neglecting it recently and have written nothing for quite some time so here is an update. I now live in Sydney with my girlfriend; we have a little flat overlooking the harbour. I work in a PR firm in North Sydney and still see the remaining bus members who have stayed in Sydney on a regular basis and I spent New Year’s at an old friends place watching the fireworks from his balcony.

I am off back to the UK in three and a bit weeks as my brother is tying the knot but this is just for a holiday, I am flying back to Sydney after a short break to catch up with friends. Have my travelling days come to end? I don’t think so. I am just having a break, after flying through the world at break neck speed on the bus it is nice to stop, get back to normality for a while, I don’t see myself growing old here in Oz but I don’t see myself running off again just yet.

It is time to recharge the cash reserves, enjoy the weather and the lifestyle that Sydney has to offer and just take each day as it comes; there is always another adventure just around the corner it is up to you when you decide to turn it.

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