Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Home for a holiday

So this week I will be leaving the Land of Oz to return to the UK but not for good, I am going home for a holiday which in itself is a strange concept. Home is not somewhere you vacation is it? Or is that when you travel the world the concept of home becomes a bit fuzzier than it once was?

I fly to Birmingham on Friday; my brother is getting married on Saturday so I will get to see all my family and be there to see him get hitched, then I am off to London for a week to catch up with old friends and work mates, sort out the bits and pieces I never got round to pre-OzBus before I head to Dublin for a mini OzBus reunion over Paddy’s weekend. I will then finish off my trip back in London before driving up to Birmingham for my flight back to Oz.

It promises to be a hectic trip, the kind you need a holiday to recover from more than likely but I am looking forward to it a lot, I wish a certain someone could come with me and I will miss her a lot over the next couple of weeks but I know she is here in Oz waiting for me when I come home (see what I mean about the fuzziness of the home concept, I am just plain confused!)

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