Wednesday, 16 March 2011

From then to now....

I returned from my travels in Feb 2009, over two years ago and rather than just carry on from today without filling in the blanks I thought I would give any of you that are interested a quick summary of the last two years so here goes:

  • Moved 4 times in the first seven months before eventually setting up home in Clapham Junction
  • Got a rescue dog from Battersea, she is a border collie and will be 13 this May (she was 11 when we got her)
  • Went back to work in the tech PR industry
  • Ran the London Marathon
  • Turned 30
  • Did a lot of "London tourism" making sure I had seen all the city had to offer (including the Great British Duck Race)
  • Went to Germany twice (once for a stag do, once for the Christmas Markets)
  • Went to Dubai on holiday
  • Went to Ireland a lot!
  • Won an electric bike and now brave the traffic most days on the way to work (buses and taxis are not my friends)
  • Went on the Orient Express (to Kent) and got engaged along the way
  • Got lens replacement and laser eye surgery meaning I can see unaided for the first time since I was four
  • Began planning my wedding, in Sydney, at the end of 2011
  • Set up an Australian wine Twitter @boutiquecellar 
  • Lots of other things that I can't remember right now and are probably not that interesting anyway...
And I think that covers the highlights of the last two years and brings me up to date so watch this space for new and hopefully exciting musings on life the universe and everything and I wouldn't be surprised if travel and wine continue to be strong themes going forward.

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