Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sydney Take 2

So after 13 weeks on the road we got back to Sydney and managed to get a private room at hostel called the Wooduck Woolloomooloo in Sydney free of charge as long as we took on the job of pancake chefs. The hostel offered a free pancake breakfast to its guests and someone had to cook for the 200 backpackers every day. That someone was destined to be us!

We settled into life in the hostel, I got a second job putting up gazebos to bring some extra cash in and just as I got going with this also landed the job of night manager at the hostel so after doing a couple of back to back day and night shifts I gave up  the gazebo gig. We sold the camper van for a profit (even after all the repairs), and while we were there the hostel changed ownership and most of the staff left leaving my better half and I to manage the hostel which came with a free room and a pay packet!

We toured the Hunter Valley wine region, climbed the harbour bridge, took part in hostel pub crawls, acted as surrogate parents for a lot of 18 year old back packers and planned for our upcoming trip to New Zealand.

You would honestly be amazed by some of the questions we fielded, like how do I wash my clothes, what do I do if I get cold at night and what do you mean I have to move out if I don't pay? It was a very interesting experience with the breaking up of over anxious, sexually charged backpacker frolics, overindulging backpackers soiling themselves in reception and the glass door at reception becoming invisible to the drunken eye and the comedy walking into doors that followed!

Our time flew by and soon we were packing up and getting ready to head on to New Zealand as our 12 month visas for Australia were about to run out, the adventure was still not over but it was entering the home stretch...

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ettienne said...

hahaha, that sounds like a fun time to me. Good post!