Thursday, 19 July 2007

Web 2.0 and me...

I have never managed to keep a diary before but there is something oddly compelling about writing a blog, I still haven’t told anyone I am writing this at the moment but have posted the web address of my Facebook profile so some digital stalkers may end up here before long.

I am off to meet one of my travelling companions for a drink tonight, we ended up meeting through Facebook after she set up a group to see if she could track down anyone else who had signed up for this trip and hey presto she found me, since then we have managed to track down one other guy coming on the bus with us and a few others who are leaving on bus number two which heads off a week after we depart. It is nice to think that I at least know one of my travelling companions before departure, makes it a little less daunting.

That is the scariest part of all this, I am going on my own, something I have never done before, I am a very social person but tend to stick to my group of friends and am used to having them there at the end of the phone. I suppose they will still be at the end of the phone once I am on the road but I won’t be calling them to meet up at the pub anymore…

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