Friday, 27 July 2007

Summer - Discuss...

I have no idea what is going on with the summer this year, it is really not fumy anymore! Yesterday we went for work drinks and luckily by the time we got to the pub the torrential downpour had actually stopped but we still had to borrow beer towels from the bar to dry off the seats and table in the beer garden before we sat down. It probably would have been easier to sit inside but it is July, nearly August so we were determined to sit in a beer garden no matter how windy and cold it got!

Of course a few quiet drinks turned into several large ones and I ended up trudging my way home in the early hours as usual so no surprises there. Now it is Friday afternoon and the weekend is looming and it is quite a busy one for me. After much searching I finally managed to track down a friend who was willing to lend me there car for the weekend (trusting fool) and am off to the West Midlands tomorrow morning. Having recently reconnected with some old friends (through Facebook unsurprisingly) I have decided this weekend is a good time to catch up with them face to face. I have not seen some of these people for the better part of a decade so will be interesting to see what they have all been up to over that time. Then I plan to finish the weekend off with a nice pub lunch in Oxford (relying on the fact it is still above water) before the long slog back to London and impending work. Happy weekend everyone :-)

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