Wednesday, 1 August 2007


This weekend was the one, the one where it suddenly all clicked into place in my head, less than seven weeks to go till the off, just over 20 working days till I finish work, disappearing off round the world and leaving my friends and family behind, still not entirely sure that I don’t have a couple of screws loose to be honest!

I am really starting to get excited now, through the wonder of Facebook my group of OzBus friends has grown from 2 to 5 and a few of us are getting together for drinks next week so at least I will not be heading of into the wilderness with complete strangers.

I spent this weekend back in the West Midlands catching up with old friends and proved that while some people you lose touch with for a reason but there are also lots of people who you can’t even remember how or why you stopped seeing. I met up with a friend who I had lost touch with for 9 years and it was great, we had always been good friends and just lost touch, it was great to see her and catch up and lovely to know that we are back in touch. It also made me feel better about my plan to leave the UK and my friends behind. As long as the friendship is the real deal it doesn’t matter if you lose touch for a while or don’t see each other, when you find each other again and meet up it can be like you never stopped talking in the first place.

I am now making it my own personal mission to see as many people as I can before I go and make sure I get back in touch with everyone I should not have lost touch with in the first place. Hopefully this is just one of many realisations I will have about life during my trip and this one happened before I even left!

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