Wednesday, 25 July 2007

What day is it?

For most of this week I have been plagued by the strange feeling that it is in fact tomorrow. Monday was ok but by Tuesday I was convinced it was today and when I woke up this morning it took me some time to convince myself that it was not Thursday, very strange!

Whether this is my subconscious trying to bring my impeding departure a little closer or the early signs of insanity only time will tell. Otherwise the week is plodding along quite nicely and has so far lived up to my hopes of being a quiet one (I did go to the pub for a couple last night but nothing heavy)

Wednesday is always a slightly strange day, it is the furthest away that you can get from the weekend, last weekend is starting to become a hazy memory and next weekend it just a little to far away to get excited about yet. I had planned to head up to the Midlands next weekend and visit some old friends but due to the fact that large parts of England are currently under water and I have no car looks like I might be staying put in London instead!

But mustn’t grumble, there is always a bright side, like the fact that I get to finish work at 3:30 tomorrow and head over to Richmond Park for a company picnic, lots of Pimms and a bit of Tennis, let’s just hope the weather behaves :-)

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