Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Planning isn’t everything

Sometimes the best laid plans fall apart at the drop of a hat and sometimes the spontaneous night out turns out much better than expected so should we plan out every detail or just go with the flow? It is an interesting question especially considering my plans for the immediate future, in a way the trip to Oz was not planned; it was a spontaneous on the spot decision based on an article in the Metro and what was going on in my life at that time.

Yet this spontaneous decision has caused me to plan a great deal, I have a rough itinerary worked out for the trip after Oz, I have just called the travel clinic and set up an appointment to get my jabs sorted out on Friday (see I said I would call!), after they have filled me full of various drugs I then plan to head round the various embassies begging for visas. I have planned a leaving party, I plan to rent my house out, I plan to attend drinks this Thursday with my bus companions and so on and so forth. So maybe the question is not should we plan or be spontaneous but should we consider how much planning that one act of spontaneity will cause?

I ended up out with a couple of the girls from the OzBus last night for a quick bit of dinner in Fulham Broadway, which somehow turned into a lot of drinks and a couple of pack of crisps in Raynes Park and a impromptu sleepover at my house, still sometimes not sticking to the plan can have unforeseen but very welcome circumstances!

I am not great at planning and I am definitely a “deadline” kind of guy, you know the type who leaves things right up until the last possible minute then rushes to get it done in time, it still gets done but I just can’t motivate myself till it is a do or die kind of situation. Hopefully I will get everything sorted out and in place in time for departure but as per usual we will just have to wait and see.

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