Wednesday, 15 August 2007

The little things

Sometimes we all get caught up with the big things in life, we focus on those obvious issues like work and where to live and ignore the little things that can make a real difference to our everyday lives. The decision to go on a bus to Oz is definitely a big thing but we mustn’t forget about all the little things that it brings with it. Whether that is remembering to say goodbye to everyone, making sure you have got that one vital thing with you that you are bound to need and more than likely to forget or just getting to know a few people from your trip before you spend three months together on a bus. Each of these on its own is not a big thing but when we take care of the little things the big things become much easier to deal with.

Even if you are not doing something quite as insane as 20 countries in 3 months the little things are still important, like catching up with your Dad when you haven’t seen him for a while or chatting with a new friend on messenger, even that last text message at night that wishes you goodnight can bring a huge grin to your face, the little things are more important than we realise. Big things happen, whether we want then to or not, little things can easily be forgotten so we always need to make that bit of extra effort to ensure they’re not.

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