Sunday, 12 August 2007

They really are just friends you haven't met

This week we had our first OzBus drinks in town and a group of us hit the West End to get to know each other before we hit the road. This little gathering got me thinking of the saying “strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet” and this certainly rang true on Thursday night.

Not everyone from our little Facebook group could make it as London was a bit far for some to travel but there was still a few of us out and it was great to meet everyone face to face.

As I stumbled home at about half two in the morning I was in high spirits, the people who had made it out where a great bunch and it seems everyone had a great time. With the departure of OzBus 1 coming up fast the excitement is certainly starting to grow. I now only have 11 days at work left and can’t wait to go now.

So in my remaining weeks it seems I am destined to be a busy little bee, after Thursday nights festivities I headed to the Midlands to meet up with some of the friends I will be leaving behind and, of course, popped in to see my Mum. I spent yesterday watching the rugby and even though England lost to France they at least put up a good fight and fingers crossed the result of the re-match next week will be in England’s favour! My remaining weekends are filling up fast with leaving parties, bbqs and making sure I have completed all the little things I need to get done before I head off. I have a feeling that the day of departure is going to creep up on me faster than I think and then the adventure begins in earnest!

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