Saturday, 22 September 2007

Day 5 – Austria – Hungary

Thursday 20th September

With sore heads and dry mouths we were up and packing ready to head to Budapest. A quick breakfast and we were on the coach and off again. A hop, skip and a jump later we were setting up the tents and having a quick lunch in another campsite then it was time, once again, to hit the town.

After a driving and walking tour, including an unplanned stop as we managed to lose one of the group for a while, we were ready to look for food and of course beer! Finding a local restaurant this time we were amazed by the size of the portions and the currency confused us all! A quick trip to the peanut bar, a lovely little place with straw on the floor and beer mats all over the walls we were ready to board the bus again. A quick stop off at the Citadella, some statue molestation and a quick pit stop in the bushes for the girls and we were off again.

The trip back to camp was musical to say the least with our own version of karaoke providing the entertainment. We were in high sprits as we headed to a little bar down by the river. Taking over the whole bar we sat around drinking and talking and slowly getting colder and colder. At this stage we suddenly realised that the bar did have an inside that most of us had been totally oblivious to! A few indoor bevies to warm up and it was back to camp via some very noisy guard dogs (safely behind fences) a bit of campsite streaking (not me this time but I do have photos if anyone is interested) and it was time for bed. Apparently some noise was made on the return of the main group but as I could sleep through just about anything I was completely oblivious to this!

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