Saturday, 22 September 2007

Day 4 – Czech Republic, Austria

Wednesday 19th September

With the rising sun and a blissful lack of rain we were packed and ready to go just about on time and off to Vienna. After a long, long drive we made it to the campsite late in the afternoon, set up and ate a slightly delayed lunch and were back on the coach to see the town within an hour.

After a driving tour and walking tour of the city with expert commentary from our fearless tour leader, the mood had started to come back up. Vienna is a beautiful city and it would have been nice to spend more time there but as this is an EasyJet city many of us plan to visit again in the future.

Now if you dump a bunch of travellers in Vienna and tell them to feed themselves they are bound to head for a local bar and sample the culture right? Well not us! We found the Ozzie bar, ordered five litre beer towers, Kangaroo steaks, crocodile and ostrich. Well fed and watered we headed back to the campsite.

Once we got back to the campsite we headed out to a local bar where we ran into something we did not expect, kind friendly bar staff! After a few more beers we got round to paying the bill and offered our spare Czech money to the waitress, she was not incredibly overjoyed, but we did tell her that she had to take the money and go on holiday to Prague with it. At this stage you may think we all headed back to the tents for some well earned shut eye, you would of course, be wrong.

On the way back to the campsite a simple gesture of lending a jacket to my cold girlfriend somehow began a chivalry competition which resulted in her wearing two jackets and two t-shirts and two topless men accompanied her back to the camp. With our clothes back on we headed to the largest tent on the site for an impromptu party, a bottle of Jim Bean some whisky and some Irish spirit. Later everyone was well and truly ready for bed, including the people we had been keeping awake with our partying.

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