Saturday, 22 September 2007

Herman the German

So we eventually reached the campsite, unfortunately it was a little too late to pitch up the tents but our esteemed host, Herman the German, provided us with dormitory accommodation for the night. Having dropped the bags on the beds we headed to the bar forming possibly the largest queue the little place had ever seen. Once everyone was beered up we headed into the dining room for the first of what will turn out to be many, many pork dinners!

After dinner it was off to the basement bar where Herman provided the beer and an interesting shot called the Herman special, which my sister discovered was cheaper if you had a nice rack! With the Birdie song kicking off the musical medley for the evening and a special rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by the Irish and South Africans a good night was had by all. The boys versus the girls table football got heated, the noise became deafening and Herman eventually decided it was time for us to turn in.

Not everybody chose to take advantage of the indoor accommodation with my little sister convincing 3 others to sleep outside under the stars, which in my opinion was a cunning ploy to get a bunk to herself. A sleeping bag race ensued and a certain reluctance to let one rip in the sleeping bag provided some welcome visual comedy from our South African friend. The adventure has truly begun!

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