Saturday, 22 September 2007

Day 2 – Germany – Czech Republic

Monday 17th September

After a quick breakfast it was back on the coach to head for the bright lights of Prague where we were planning to spend two days. After a long drive we hit the campsite just after dark and with no offer of dorms this time. Considering this was our first pitch up we did well. Everyone got their tents up and preparation of our banger and mash dinner began in earnest but then disaster struck! The beer vending machine that we had seen on the way in was nearly empty and by nearly empty I mean it only contained non-alcoholic lager! Refusing to be beaten a few brave travellers asked reception for directions and headed to the nearest shop, apparently this just involved a left turn and a five minute walk.

Half an hour, three u-turns and a hedgehog sighting later we were back where we started and decided to try going right this time and hey presto, we found the petrol station and the much needed beer. We returned to the camp as conquering heroes and handed out the beer. Bangers and smash was served up and well fed and watered we hit the hay ready for a day in Prague when the sun came up.

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