Sunday, 9 September 2007

Saying Goodbye

So last night was the long awaited leaving party, the location the Collier Wood Tup, World Cup rugby on the telly in the beer garden, jugs of beer as far as the eye can see and a slightly foolhardy neglect of food led to a heavy but highly enjoyable evening. We had our own little spot reserved in the beer garden and there was a good turnout. Some people couldn’t make it but hopefully I will get to see them before we go and unfortunately one person who I very much wanted to come along could not as she had other plans for the evening back in Wales but she is one person I do not need to say goodbye to as she will be sat next to me on the bus :-)

As the night progressed the beer continued to flow and the camera was snapping away recording it all for posterity. It seemed everyone had fun and a mini house party back at my mates house finished it off nicely but now it is the day after and time for me to reflect on the event and provide some mainly pointless random social commentary.

As it all came to a close and people headed off the goodbyes started coming thick and fast and it got me thinking, when does it sink in that this is actually goodbye? With the best will in the world I will not see many of people from last night for at least 6 months but how to make this sink in is something that eludes me. I know that I leave next Sunday, I know I will not be back for a long time but I can’t make myself believe it is all real. It all seems like some weird day dream that I will wake up from any minute. Will it sink in before the bus leaves? As we leave Embankment? As we cross the channel? Who knows, but I can’t wait to find out!


SteveT said...

Mate, good luck on your trip, I shall deffinatley be keeping tabs on your site as Im hoping to do this myself next July.

Mack said...

I have this on my Google Feed, hope your trip goes well, update often!