Thursday, 6 September 2007


Ok so we are now just over a week away from departure and I am in the zone. Finally the urgency of impending departure has sunk in, getting everything done in time is now a challenge and one I am happy to take on. I am still not sure why I need to have this urgency to motivate myself and think it is something I need to work on in the future but the adrenalin rush that goes with it is awesome!

I managed to sort out two of four visas today, am working on the last few jobs that need doing to the house this weekend and then the leaving party is this Saturday as well and by Sunday we will be into my last seven days in the UK for the foreseeable future!

I still need to pack up and some stuff and buy a few essentials for the trip and I will certainly be kept busy till I leave but I have every confidence that I will succeed in my task and be ready to jump on the OzBus and hit the trail on Sunday the 16th September. It is good to keep yourself busy at this stage of the adventure as otherwise you think about it too much, you start to wonder why you are doing it, you miss the people who can’t be with you before the trip, you think about what you will miss when you are gone and it can all get to much so I am happy to keep myself occupied! Bring on the deadlines!!!

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