Friday, 5 October 2007

Day 11 – Istanbul

Wednesday 26th September

Blissfully being in the snore free boys room for the night I woke up feeling refreshed headed up to the rooftop café at the hostel for a breakfast of French Toast and coffee, a quick internet session and then off for some culture! The walking tour of Istanbul was very interesting with a trip to the Blue Mosque and the Aiyasofia, an entertaining local guide and the usual OzBus characters providing added entertainment it was a very enjoyable morning.

A quick trip back to the hostel for a coke then it was time for a very pleasant afternoon nap. I then headed to the Turkish Barbers for a haircut and cut throat shave. Many of the group also headed to the grand bazaar, the spice markets and of course the Turkish baths.

With a fresh outlook, clean clothes and a new haircut the evening lay before me, now based on the blog so far you may think I headed out on he raz but no, me, my girlfriend, and a fellow OzBuser headed out diner and had a very pleasant evening, WIth 10% haggled off dinner and a quick nightcap on the way back to the hostel. To avoid another sleepless night we snuck my girlfriend into the boy’s room where snoring remained at a minimum and a good night’s sleep was had by all.

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