Friday, 5 October 2007

Day 13 – Gallipoli – Ephesus – Atilla’s

Friday 28th September

Day 13, unlucky for some, and as it will turn out me in particular! It was destined to be a long driving day, breakfast involved making your lunch at the same time and by the time I reached the table all that remained was egg and cheese so I threw together a quick wrap and headed for the bus. After a long drive the appeal of this wrap was diminished greatly but as luck would have it the lunch stop did cheese toasties which were greatly received!

The next stop was Ephesus, a ruined city said to once contain one of the Seven Wonders of the World. After a stroll around the stalls at the entrance to acquire some appropriate clothing for the heavily Muslim parts of our journey to come we wandered through the ruins seeing the remains of what was once a beautiful city. Upon reaching the other end of the ruins we headed to the local stalls for a hat off! Basically this involved most of us sat in a café while various members cane from the stall next door with a selection of hats for us to vote on before purchase.

When the coach pulled up it was back on board and off to Atilla’s camping, reportedly one of the nest backpacker stop offs in the world. Upon arrival the offer to upgrade to a group room was offered and many took this up. I however decided to stick with the tent and share with my girlfriend, I will later discover that this was a huge mistake and will result in me coming back to the tent a little worse for wear, being generally annoying with comments such as “are you awake” being repeated till answered and snoring my head off, again. The end result will be my eviction from her cosy two man tent and my return to my small pop up effort that had until now been used as a crawl in wardrobe, to be fair to myself when I decided not to upgrade I was completely oblivious to this so cannot really be blamed. On the bright side she will now hopefully get a much better nights sleep when we camp and be more forgiving of my snoring and drunken antic when we are in hotels and hostels.

The evening leading to my eviction was however a good one. A BBQ dinner, killer pool tournament which despite stiff local competition was won by an OzBuser and some interesting Irish liquor, which I am quite sure is illegal for a reason and probably was the deciding factor in my eviction, added up to fun, fun, fun. A swimming pool and comfy cushions capped it off and apart from the unfortunate events at the end of the night all was well.

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