Thursday, 18 October 2007

Day 24 – Esfahan – Yazd

Thursday 9th October 2007

With the drama of the previous night still fresh on everyone’s minds and the 39th member of the group feeling the brunt of everyone’s venom, it was surprising how much a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and sausages served to raise spirits. With the promise of a water museum and the eternal flame which has been burning for 15 hundred years we headed for Yazd.

A few Ozbusers felt compelled to clear the air by giving speeches to the group, one voice was noticeably absent. This served to raise spirits enough to deal with the fact that the eternal flame was closed upon our arrival (had it gone out?). When we reached our destination at lunchtime (ish) we unloaded the coach and were told it was a five minute walk to the hotel and vans would be coming for our bags, apparently there was no way for our coach to reach the hotel. A short while later the majority of our bag were loaded into a pick-up and many felt this was likely to be the last time they would see their luggage. Luckily all bags arrived outside the hotel with one Irish man asking which girl he had carried a bag for and being incredibly surprised when one of the older English men claimed the rucksack. After this we were presented with a welcome drink. Now, when I receive a drink in a can I, one, expect it to be fizzy, and 2, would never expect it to contain jelly, but hey one lives and learns.
The hotel was lovely, a large bed, free flip flops and a bath! Rather than wander the streets and visit the water museum I decided to have some me time and after a nice lunch, a long but slightly cramped soak in the bath, a shave and some fresh clothes I was feeling damn good and headed to the hotel court yard for dinner. Now if you read yesterday’s entry, you may remember talk of some Iranian home brew that certain Ozbusers had acquired for the group. It turns out this mixed very well with the small bottles of coke on the mini bars allowing a select few to enjoy a sly tipple with dinner. This then developed into a party back at the Booze Brothers Boudoir. I finished the night pleasantly wasted and hit the hay. The 5.45am leave planned for the next day was far from my mind and I fell into a deep sleep (comment from the girlfriend – tell me about it!).

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