Thursday, 18 October 2007

Day 25 – Yazd – Kerman

Wednesday 10th October 2007

With a packed breakfast to be eaten on the road and bleary eyes we assembled for our early morning leave. To our surprise the bus that could not make it to the hotel the previous day was parked outside. A very kind restaurant owner allowed us to use his establishment a couple of hours later to eat our breakfast of bread, carrot jam, honey and boiled egg and we were off again on our way to Kerman.

We checked into the hotel which was basic but pleasant and headed into town while we were shown around an old bath house then discovered another bath house that had been converted into a tea shop and restaurant. We had a very pleasant lunch and then wandered through the town which was much grubbier than its equivalent in Esfahan. This also showed us a much poorer side to the country, people were approaching us on the street to ask for money, including one young lad of about fourteen who was dragging himself along the street as he had no feet. After having a taxi driver try to take us on a city tour and other Ozbusers experiencing various rip offs we all made it back to the hotel and chilled out until dinner.

Dinner was truly a feast, soup, kebabs, rice, veggies, tea, biscuits, lovely! We all headed to bed full and happy ready to hit the road to Bam the next day.

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