Friday, 26 October 2007

Day 31 – Sukkur – Multan

Tuesday 16th October

Today we were headed to Multan, which is the oldest surviving town in the world. Here the group would be treated to a tour of a shrine and the local bazaar but first we would head off and check in to the hotel. Initial impressions were promising, there seemed to be on site internet access and the restaurant took our lunch order before we headed to our rooms assuring us that if we came back in 30 minutes our food would be waiting for us, so far so good.

The rooms seemed nice and after ditching the bags we headed back down to lunch. The food came out one by one but ours was noticeably missing, strange as we had ordered first. After an hour of this I got uncharacteristically worked up when I was told that what we had ordered was not actually available and would we like to reorder? As the trip to the shrine was due to leave in 30 minutes and many other were still waiting on food I explained that this would not be possible and that I would not be paying for the drinks I had drunk while waiting for food, turns out this little outburst also caused them to write of the bills of a couple that did get there food. I left the restaurant and decide to give the afternoon tour a miss and have some me time and type up my blog.

Internet was shaky to put it mildly and was being monopolised by one particular OzBuser who is becoming increasingly notorious and unpopular for this habit. Still it gave me time to chill out, watch telly and realise I had left all my handwritten blog entries that needed typing up on the bus, doh!

When the group returned we cracked out the Whisky and headed to the hotels garden for an improvised game of cricket. We spent the evening playing cards and the girls had Henna tattoos down. We ate in the garden with me even managing to score a free plate of fries based on my little tantrum earlier, at least it shows they were listening to me. Full of food and whisky it was now time for bed.

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