Friday, 26 October 2007

Day 32 – Multan – Lahore

Wednesday 17th October 2007

Getting up bright and early we had a quick breakfast and headed towards our last stop in Pakistan, Lahore. On the way we stopped at the Hrappa ruins and museum to see the relics of the Indus Valley civilisation.

We arrived in Lahore in the afternoon and checked into a nice enough hotel but with curious oddity about my room, it had curtains. I admit this is not that strange a thing to find in a hotel room but when there is no window in the room you have to admit they are rather surplus to requirements.

After a quick turnaround in the hotel it was off again to the Pakistan India border, but we would not be crossing it just yet. Since India and Pakistan have a long and colourful history they also have a rather impressive ceremony to close the border at sunset each day. This is so popular that there are even purpose built stadiums on both sides where people can watch and they have people there who’s job it is to get the crowd worked up before hand. It was great fun to watch and the song called “Pakistan, Pakistan” which they played before the ceremony quickly became a group favourite.

After the ceremony it was back to the hotel then off for a wander around a few local shops and then back to the hotel where many if us were tempted and gave in to the Subway on the way back and we even found dairy milk, kit kats, mars bars and so on in a shop by the hotel. With a 2 night stay planned in Lahore it was time for a quick beer then off to bed for an early night ready for our free day tomorrow.

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