Friday, 26 October 2007

Day 38 Corbett – Delhi

Tuesday 23rd October 2007

Today was destined to start well, get better then be the beginning of the end for some OzBusers. Breakfast was good and the bags were quickly loaded and we were on our way to Delhi. We ended up with a good sized room, handy as our tents were socked so we had to put both up in the room to dry, and we happily headed out to the local bar for a quickie. Next stop internet then on to Connaught Square where shops and a place called Spirit Bar beckoned.

We reached Spirit Bar a bit behind the crowd and found most of the OzBusers had been enjoying overpriced cocktails for some time and were three sheets to the wind already, cheesy music and silly party games followed until the price of the drinks drove us away and we headed for the tuk tuk ranks. Again the token ginge gets a mention as she somehow managed to convince her driver to hand over the controls of his livelihood to her despite her obviously inebriated state.

We got back to near the hotel and headed to a cheaper local bar to carry on the party, people began to drift off until there were only two left, me and my Irish partner in crime who looked like he needed to talk, the details of the conversation are and will remain between me, him and whisky but needless to say it was serious enough for him to tell me he planned to be the first defector and leave the bus for a while come the morning! Despite some very drunken attempts at talking him out of it and reverse psychology by the time we turned in he was still determined to leave come sun up.

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