Friday, 26 October 2007

Day 37 Corbett

Monday 22nd October 2007

Up at the crack of sparrows as one of my fellow OzBusers is keen on saying, we were eager to hit the trails in our jeeps. Excited at the idea of seeing tigers in the wild you could feel the excitement on the air. We headed out, 5 to a jeep, some, me included, opting for a half day safari and others went for a full day in the hope that this would be more likely to yield a tiger sighting. After a few hours on the trail we had seen spotted deer, a woolly necked crane, black faced monkeys and a tiger…footprint. Alas the day was not destined to yield a tiger sighting for the half dayers and the full dayers were to have no more luck than us.

It was still a great expedition and we were happy when we came back to camp and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air. As it neared 3:30pm it was time for the next adventure as a few of us had signed up for an Elephant safari, which is basically the same as the jeep safari but slower and involves riding on an elephant. This was awesome, despite our token ginge losing a fellow OzBusers much beloved stripper hat and my girlfriend looking up at spiders while her sunglasses fell to the dirt then accidentally deleting one of the best photos of the trip this was still my favourite part of the Corbett visit. Our guide even plucked poisonous spiders from the tress so we could get better photos and our elephant, George, was amazing (apparently she was called Helena but I prefer George).

We returned to camp to a nice diner, a quick get together in the booze brothers tent then off to bed ready to head back to Delhi in the morning.

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