Friday, 26 October 2007

Gossip Corner 2

Here we are the long awaited second instalment from L’ll S:

To say that we have bonded would be a massive understatement. We couldn’t be more relaxed in each others company if we’d know each other for 6 years let alone 6 weeks. Not a breakfast goes by without a discussion about one or others bowel movements and the consistency of ones stools.

There are times on the road when the bus is a sea of limbs as each of us lays awkwardly across each other in “compromising” positions in order to try and get comfy got once and get some sleep. We share our possessions, our beds, our toiletries and our germs without a second thought.

As for gossip, we share that too. It could not be more rife at the moment. I have never heard so much rubbish spread about a bunch of people in my life – well people who weren’t celebs or politicians.

The tangled web of incest and deceit grows ever more entwined so that when the truth finally does come out it is dismissed in an instant as just another “bus rumour”. Therefore I have found that the best way to keep a secret on the OzBus is to tell everyone. Trust me, it works. Start your own “rumour” based totally on fact and see how many people believe you.

Some people seem to making the same mistakes by thinking no one sees them when they are up to mischief and others are being about as subtle as the OzBus in Quetta. As for myself, who knows, some rumours might be true!

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blankshots said...

This is slightly off topic, but I was wondering about books on the bus (since they haven't been mentioned so far in this blog.)

I would imagine that many of the travellers brought novels, etc, along, and I was wondering if they ended up read, passed around, discussed, tossed out of the window, or simply ignored. Are there any books that have become favourites?