Friday, 26 October 2007

A note on Pakistan

Pakistan was undoubtedly my favourite country so far, our guide was excellent and made sure we were all looked after. We had a police escort but never felt that we needed them or that they were restricting what we could do in any way. In some of the more rural areas we were seen as a tourist attraction but by the end of the trip we were being treated just like everyone else.

Pakistan has a bad rep in the media and there has been a lot of reporting on recent troubles in the country that I am sure you have all read. It is also one of the places that caused people I know to say things like “you’re going there! Good luck”. Now I have been to the country and spent time there I would happily recommend anyone I know to come here for a holiday. Plan it well and get yourself a good guide (for details of the guy we had who I highly recommend drop me an email and I will send them over) but do not write this beautiful country off because of what you have heard from others, come and see it for yourself.

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