Friday, 26 October 2007

Day 34 – Pakistan – India

Friday October 19th 2007

With heavy hearts we left the hotel and headed to the border, loaded up with all our stuff it was then time to walk across the border to a new country and new buses. We said out goodbyes and heartfelt thanks to our guide and after filling out several forms in triplicate, copying them and signing them in seven places we were in India (well known for its love of paperwork!)

The new buses showed initial promise, the seats seemed comfy, the air conditioning worked and all was well. Still in 2 separate buses, OzBus 4a) and OzBus 4b) (not their real names but what the group have labelled them) we headed for Amritsar, our first stop in India and blissfully only 30k away.

Arriving early afternoon time we ordered lunch and a few beers (alcohol is legal again :-) then headed out to see the town. Our main stop was to be the Golden Temple, a Sikh temple in the middle of a square, surrounded by water. It is an impressive sight and we enjoyed strolling around and seeing the ceremonies taking place in the temple. The afternoon was topped off by the discovery of Duracell batteries on the way back to the hotel making it possible for me to take photos again for the first time in days!

The evening was filled with drinking and card games, some found and joined a wedding procession and three of the more adventurous of the group shunned the hotel and went to sleep in the Golden Temple were anyone is welcome to stay the night for free. India had made a good first impression on the group and tomorrow we head to Delhi!

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