Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Day 47 – Kathmandu

Thursday 1st November 2007

For anyone who has not been white water rafting and wants to, do it, do it now! After a hot breakfast we hit the road at a leisurely pace, stopping for loo breaks and tea breaks when we wanted and reaching our destination happy and looking forward to hitting the river.

16 of us went along and we mounted up 8 to a raft before heading out. With some tame and some not so tame rapids ahead we received basic instructions on what to do from our boat guides and set off into the river. It was awesome, our Australian girl was the first to go out of the boat on the rapids and had a scary experience with the boat bouncing on her head but we recovered her lost flip flops and she made it back in the boat in one piece so that is ok. We all dived off the boat for a swim a couple of times and had water fights with the other boat whenever we got close enough.

A nice lunch was laid on for us at the end, ice cream dessert was well received and a large rabbit hutch that also contained a deer made sure that our leftovers went to a good place. Happier about leaving the bus for a while than we thought we would be we all headed back to the hotel buzzing with the excitement of a great day.

With an early morning trek ahead the next day a quick mill around the hotel reception was followed by an early night

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