Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Day 48 Kathmandu

Friday 2nd November 2007

Up early for a mountain trek a selection of us all boarded a mini bus and headed out for a leisurely stroll in the Himalayan foothills. We strolled through villages, saw an English School and watched a show put on by the pupils to mark the opening of their new school building, saw spiders and beetles, marvelled at the scenery and got more and more tired and sweaty.

We reached a stage, about 2 hours in to what we thought was a 2.5 hour trek to be told it would take another 3 hours or so to reach our final destination, this was not what we wanted to hear and MrBee jokingly said we should try and hitch a lift. Surprisingly the next thing we saw was a bus loaded with supplies and locals come round the corner, they offered us a lift, we accepted gladly. This bus is the local supply bus and goes up the mountain every 2 days to deliver groceries, we helped them unload at each stop and they took us to our final destination where we grabbed some lunch then headed back to town, happy and contented with our trekking experience.

A quiet dinner and a bit of shopping finished off the day nicely, it was then off to bed ready for bungee and canyon swing tomorrow.

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