Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Day 50 – Nepal – Thailand

Sunday 4th November 2007

A day of travelling. Up early, check in at the airport, fly to Bangkok, taxi to the hotel, check in, and breathe! We are now in Bangkok.

After some time to relax and sort out our stuff we met up again in reception and head out for the evening. We acquire a selection of Tuk Tuks and head out for dinner and a show. Dinner is seafood and overpriced but good, the show, well when in Bangkok…ping pong, darts, bananas and so on. It was an experience but not necessarily a good one!

Tired from a long day it was back to the hotel, tomorrow we rejoin the group and we are all mildly surprised by how un-excited this prospect gets us. With this time away from the group will we be happy going back to the gruelling schedule or will we begin to increasingly workout ways to shadow the group while sticking to our own agenda, as usual only time will tell…

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Karina said...

Hey Andy!
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