Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Day 51 – Bangkok

Monday 5th November 2007

With no concrete plans for the day a lie in ensues. When we get up we discover our motley crew has split, some have stayed in bed as we did others have gone to town. Luckily those who have gone to town have left us an itinerary. With some careful thought I work out that if we leave now we should be able to catch them at the MBK shopping centre where they plan to be for lunch and shopping. I have been to Bangkok before and know how large this centre is so am not entirely confident that we will locate them.

It turns out luck is on our side and within 5 minutes we have found the group, an afternoon of shopping and giving in to the temptation of McDonalds follows and we agree to meet up again outside the shopping centre later that evening to go for dinner drinks and bowling. It was now time to nip back to the hotel and greet the group as they arrived. A couple agreed to join us for the evening, some were drawn to the ping pong shows as we had been and others were already planning there departure from the group for a while for an extended beach holiday on Koh Samui.

We met up at MBK as planned and went for dinner. Now the standard story with an OzBus dinner is that some like it and some don’t but tonight we found the perfect restaurant, a giant buffet set up where you can get everything from steak to sushi, you have a swipe card that says what you had and then you pay for you own. Everyone enjoyed their dinner, there were no arguments about paying and we headed up to the bowling alley on the top floor happy.

Beer towers, white wine, glow in the dark bowling, pool tables and arcade machines made for a great evening and we returned to the hotel via taxi in a fantastic mood. Tomorrow beckons and the possibilities are endless.

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