Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 52 – Bangkok

Tuesday 6th November 2007

Another day in Bangkok beckons as I am sure I have mentioned before I have been to Bangkok in the past so decide that the best use of my day will be to catch up on my blog, which I must confess I had been neglecting for a while, and take advantage of the high speed internet to upload some of my photos onto Facebook.

By the time I had finished all this off evening was fast approaching and it was time to hit the town, a stroll down the Koh San Road, dinner at a nice little Italian place, lethal dinks at an Irish bar and drunken heart to hearts led to a great night, tomorrow is our last day here before we move on. Again the group will split with many making their own way to our next stop in Koh Samui rather than spend two days on the bus.

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