Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 53 – Bangkok

Wednesday 7th November 2007

Our last full day in Bangkok beckons, a last chance to see the sights and soak up the metropolitan culture before heading on to the island paradise of Koh Samui. A taxi ride into town for a spot of lunch is followed by a wander round the sky train station. With no clue which trains go where we eventually go for the tuk tuk option and head off to find ourselves a river boat cruise to see the back streets / canals of this amazing city.

We are shown the canals that criss cross the city with falling down shacks neighbouring temples and impressive looking boat piers then we reach our first stop, a snake farm. Slightly apprehensively we entered to be greeted by a Thai man with a very large python around his neck offering to place him round our shoulders and take a photo (for a small fee of course) we declined. The next temptation, a 4 month old baby monkey called Cappuccino was to hard to resist and we forked over a few baht so me and my girlfriend could cuddle the monkey and have a quick photo with him.

We then wandered round this obscure little zoo seeing monkeys, deer, a bear and a tiger, we caught the end of the daily snake show and after buying a lurid pink stripper hat to replace one lost by an Australian OzBuser in Corbett it was back on the boat. We saw floating markets and the famous bread eating fish before being deposited back near the hotel.

We return to bid farewell to a selection of OzBusers who have decided to head to Koh Samui under their own steam and leave by bus and ferry for an overnight crossing to the island. With my mind made up to get back on the bus I will see them again when we arrive on Friday morning as planned. Having seen them off a quick dinner round the corner and a bit of market stall shopping and it was off to bed ready to get back on OzBus bright and early in the morning.

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