Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 55 – Koh Samui

Friday 9th November 2007

It was a wet and windy morning that greeted us as we woke up in our beach bungalow and definitely not a day for lazing on the beach. With the roads in a bit of a state mopeds were ruled out and hired jeeps were to be the order of the day. Several people followed suit and after a bacon and egg breakfast it was off to see the island.

Our first encounter would be with another jeep full of OzBusers that had not got enough petrol to reach the petrol station, on our way out to see the sights we provided these stranded busers with their very own Irish Squaddie to sort them out and went off to explore.

While driving along the flooded roads, which was immensely fun by the way, we spotted a sign for a crocodile farm, having enjoyed our trip to the snake farm in Bangkok we decided to give this a go and headed off down the back streets to find it.

A few winding roads later and we were there and we were not disappointed. There were crocs a plenty, a great crocodile show with crazy Thai blokes sticking their heads in crocs mouths and hands down their throats. We saw a snake show with King Cobras, met another baby monkey and saw a tiger and a bear.

After having a great time we headed on, found a good spot for lunch, headed to see the island’s famous Big Buddha and went back to the hotel satisfied that we had seen all we planned to that day.

In the evening I shunned the drink and took the wheel again heading to the other side of the island for dinner and completing a whole lap to get back to the hotel.

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