Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 54 – Bangkok – Koh Samui

Thursday 8th November 2007

Rejoining the bus after enjoying our freedom for so long was strange to say the least, and was made even stranger by the lack of OzBusers joining us on this stretch as many had already gone and others would leave later to go straight to Koh Samui rather than stay in Chumpon for the night as we planned to.

After an enjoyable ride on the bus, a nice lunch stop and a very nice driving day we were given the option to vote on whether to drive through and get Koh Samui today, this would be the first unanimous OzBus decision ever! We then headed on to the ferry and the beach paradise that awaits.

The boat ride, despite reports of choppy seas by preceding OzBusers, was easy going and we were soon motoring along to the home bay resort, our home for the next four nights. A nice break in a beach paradise seemed perfect but the rain had different ideas! Much of the island was flooded and we went to bed after being told that getting around tomorrow may not be the easiest task but we were determined to give it a go anyway.

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