Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 59 – Thailand – Malaysia

Tuesday 13th November 2007

Another day of travel and paperwork ensues with the usual chaos of a border crossing with the OzBus keeping everyone on their toes, a change of bus, a change of guides and a change of currency takes up a large chunk of the day until we arrive in Penang and are greeted by a gigantic 20 or so storey hotel. The hotel has lovely rooms and working wireless so we begin our plotting.

To give you some background on why we are planning this departure I will have to let you know where the bus is going tomorrow. A quick three hour stop is planned in Kuala Lumpur and many of us were looking forward to spending a little more time here so have decided to do just that and throw in a trip to Singapore just for good measure!

What began as a small group soon blossomed into a larger one with 10 people booking in to get off the bus with us, accommodation was found in KL, a sleeper train to get us to KL was researched and flights from Singapore to Jakarta in Indonesia were found so we could rejoin the bus and after all that work sleep was fast coming and the morning held the promise of new adventure.

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