Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 60 – Penang - Kuala Lumpur

Wednesday 14th November 2007

After a morning of driving across Malaysia we reached KL in the early afternoon, with the group granted three hours to see the city and being told that apart from the famous Petronas Twin Towers and shopping there was nothing to do in KL anyway, our splinter group borrowed the OzBus minibus and headed for our hotel, it would be some time till we saw the bus again.

We found the hotel easily and checked in with little trouble. After unpacking and settling in we sorted out the train tickets to head to Singapore on the sleeper train the next night at the princely sum of £5 each and booked some extra flights to Indonesia for the less organised among us. These flights were again very cheap as the airline we chose had a serious crash in January and is banned in the EU due to its safety record, bargain!

With all that sorted out we headed out to the KL tower, a very tall telecom tower with great views of the city at night. By the time we had done this the night was getting on a bit and dinner still had to be found. Driven by hunger we made our first mistake, dinner at Planet Hollywood! The food was not the best, the wine for the girls was free but not the best and if it was not for a bottle of JD between three the night could have been a total right off. Still with a full day tour of KL planned for tomorrow before leaving for Singapore at 10pm it was time for bed anyway and we all headed back enjoying a sense of freedom that we had not fully experienced since Kathmandu!

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