Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 61 – Kuala Lumpur – Singapore

Thursday 15th November 2007

The day began at the crack of sparrows for some of the group, 2 brave volunteers met in reception in the early hours and headed into town to get the group tickets to go up the Petronas Towers, unfortunately it was 1 ticket per person so they failed in their mission, if our OzBus guide was to be believed this means all we have left to do today is shop!

Luckily for us she was wrong, our little tour took in palaces, museums, a park that was the most impressive war memorial I have ever seen, the KL tower we had been up the night before and finished off at the dark caves. The dark caves has a temple up the top of 200 or so steps and, unsurprisingly, some dark caves home to many bats and 7ft long glow in the dark snakes, the tour was great and we left for the station happy that we had made the time to enjoy this amazing city.

Arriving at the station with time to spare we were surprised to discover that one of our group had never been on a train before and for a first time experience he was blessed indeed, for our £5 we had a bed in carriage of 40 or so beds, they were clean, comfy and the carriage was quiet, it was a great trip as the gentle motion of the train rocked us to sleep we drew ever nearer to Singapore.

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