Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 68 – Bali

Thursday 22nd November

Today does start off slightly differently to be fair, in a moment of madness the previous day we had booked ourselves in to go dolphin watching at dawn on the other side of the island, now due to distances this meant a 3:30am leave. The five of us crazy enough to sign up all made it on time for a bumpy bus ride to the other side of Bali.

The journey was too bumpy for some and a bit of travel sickness ensued and the boats were very low in the water causing the salt water to drench me completely and render my camera useless but all this faded into the background of our minds as we saw dolphins jumping over the waves not 6ft away from us, it was all worth it for that.

After getting back to the hotel most of the day was spent sleeping followed by a trip to the Strawberry Martini bar for dinner then back to the hotel, tomorrow the OzBus catches us up!

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