Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 71 – Indonesia – Australia

Sunday 25th November

Our last day in Bali began with a nice lie in and ended up with a bit more shopping, including replacing my broken camera, a last wander on the beach and a final strawberry martini. It was then time to pack up and say farewell to our island paradise. An late night flight to Oz beckoned and we all got back on the buses and headed to the airport to begin the final stretch of the OzBus journey, Australia is country number 19 for me and many others on this trip. Those who have stayed with the bus the whole way will mark this as country number 18 and our token ginge will be the winner having manged to rack up a total of 20 countries as she seems to be willing to get off the bus whenever anyone suggests it.

As we take off from the airport the fact that this journey is entering its final days is beginning to sink in.

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