Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 72 – Darwin – Kakadu

Monday 26th November

We landed in Darwin in the early hours, unfortunately many of our bags, including mine did not. We were told they had been taken off in Bali due to payload issues and would arrive tomorrow. Slightly worried and not entirely confident that I would ever see my bag again we headed straight to our hostel to grab a few hours kip, Adventure Tours and our Aussie guide would be meeting us in the morning. After getting our heads down for a bit it was up and off to find a fry while we waited for the luggage to arrive from the airport, I am glad to say it was there when I returned.

We then loaded up and had a bit of time to have a quick look round Darwin then it was on the road again to head towards Kakadu National Park, the park where much of Crocodile Dundee was filmed.

Our first stop was to see the jumping crocodiles. These were awesome and lived up to their name 100%. After this it was on through the park to our campsite being shown much of the area on the way by our new guide.

Our first night on the road in Oz was spent in tents, something many of us had not missed, and with the temperature being a tad on the high side this was for from the best nights sleep of the tour but we made do and the campsites pool was very cool, in more ways than one.

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