Saturday, 22 December 2007

Day 85 – Jindabyne – Sydney

Sunday 9th December

This is it, the last day of trip, a drive to Canberra, a look round parliament, one last fly filled spam sandwich lunch on the side of the road, many goodbyes, much swapping of details, plans for meeting up after the trip and so on.

We finally pulled in to Sydney around 6pm and after 12 weeks on the bus, 18, 19 or 20 countries depending on who you are and we had made it. Some people still have unresolved issues about the trip and Andrew from OzBus avoids the groups attention by keeping his distance and avoiding eye contacts but despite of all this 29 out of 38 OzBusers made it in to Sydney on time and on schedule. It has been the trip of a lifetime and one none of us will ever forget.

We all head off to our hostels, most to one called the Wake Up but me and a few others are booked in to a dodgy place in Kings Cross. Then a select few, including me, head to see a flat which we plan to rent for Xmas and New Year. This turns out to be gorgeous and we sign up on the spot. We then rejoin the group for farewell drinks which keep us out till the early hours and the trip is then finally over.#

From my point of view it has been an amazing trip, in spite of the all the problems along the way I have enjoyed it all and am glad I did it, If you plan to do this yourself read what is written here and in other bogs form OzBus 1 and 2 and contact those who have done it to fond out what it is really like, it is great but go into to eyes open and with enough spare cash to take a time out every now and again. This is the end of the trip and the end of the daily blog entries. Thank you for reading this, I was surprised by how many of you did and touched by many of you your comments over the weeks. I will keep blogging about what I get up to form now on but I am sure it will not captivate your interest as much as this crazy bus journey did so I will finish this part of the blog by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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MadCowDzz said...

Hey there. I'm Daryl from Canada and I've been following your blog for the entire trip. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing read; it certainly sounds like quite the journey. Have an awesome Christmas and New Years in Sydney!